Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saving With Rental Car Coupon Codes

As a seasoned traveler, I thought I knew all the tips and tricks for booking the cheapest vacations around. For example, I always purchase airfare and make hotel reservations online because I can get excellent discounts on these purchases from travel-related websites. I'm also usually able to find coupons and other discounts for museums, theme parks, restaurants, nightclubs, and similar activities or attractions in my chosen destination.

In fact, during the last few years, my vehicle rentals were the only things I ever paid full price for. That's because most of the rental car coupon codes I found at that time applied only to compact cars -- and I'm simply not comfortable driving those tiny things.

In addition, there were very few rental car coupon codes for the national chains, which meant that if I wanted to take advantage of any discounts, I'd have to go to some tiny hole-in-the-wall shop in an inconvenient location. I've come to rely on the airport pick-up service offered by the national chains, so once again I was out of luck as far as cashing in on rental car coupon codes went.

Fortunately, it looks like the tide has finally turned, as I've recently noticed a bunch of rental car coupon codes that can be used for the roomier vehicles that I like so much. What's more, these coupons are valid at all of the national chains that I prefer, so I've finally been able to enjoy some of these terrific discounts.

Just what kind of rental car coupon codes are available? I've seen a wide variety of promotions, ranging from free upgrades to discounted rates for daily, weekend, or weekly rentals. I've even noticed some rental car coupon codes that give discounts on collision or liability insurance, should I choose to purchase that type of protection. With the cost of vehicle rentals continuing to rise, these savings can really make a difference in my vacation budget, so I now use coupons every time I rent.

Incidentally, it's very easy to use rental car coupon codes. To find them, simply enter relevant keywords in your favorite search engine, and then visit some of the websites listed in the results. On those sites, simply look for a discount that you're interested in (for example, 20% off the weekly rate), write down the code, and then use the code when you make your reservation. The discount will be applied to your total bill, and the savings will stay right in your wallet.

Try a few rental car coupon codes out for yourself the next time you travel. Every little bit helps!

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