Saturday, May 10, 2014

All Inclusive Vacation

Ever want to just get away and not have to worry about all of the little tiny details? Everyone has wanted to; it is the ideal vacation. It just isn’t as much fun to go on vacation and have to pay for each meal you eat separately and calculate how much the watersports will cost every time your children climb on a paddleboat. You can relax much better when you pay everything all at once and then simply focus on relaxing. This concept is completely possible when you find a wonderful all inclusive vacation.

Almost everyone has heard of the Sandals or Beaches resorts. Those places don’t offer anything except an all inclusive vacation. There is no tipping after each meal, no paying for activities as the days move forward and no paying for your drinks every evening. A lot of people shy away from purchasing an all inclusive vacation because they assume that they are unaffordable. While the purchase price of an all inclusive vacation may look like it is expensive up front, after adding up all of the costs that can be incurred on each day of the vacation, it could end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. To use an example, my husband and I have gone on two cruises in the past three years. One of the cruises was a 7 day all inclusive vacation. The other cruise was not all inclusive. We thought that we’d be saving a ton of money by not purchasing an all inclusive vacation. As the week went on, all of our drinks and activities were simply charged to our room. On the final day of our cruise, our bill was
slipped under our door. Much to our shock, we’d easily spent over $1,100 in extras. Had we purchased the all inclusive package, we would have saved almost $800 of that extra expense. Any vacations that we decide to take in the future will absolutely be all inclusive, if it is offered.

Usually, an all inclusive vacation from a resort doesn’t include airfare unless it is requested. On all of the Sandals and Beaches websites, you can choose whether or not you want airfare. Is the airfare cheaper if you purchase as an all inclusive vacation? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. If you don’t feel like going through the trouble of finding a flight and dealing with all of those details, take advantage of the added bonus of including that in your package and save yourself the hassle. Whatever options you choose and wherever you decide to travel to, you won’t regret purchasing an all inclusive vacation package. All you need to do is pack your bags and show up.

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